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5/1/2017 - WELCOME BACK to another exciting season of outdoor racing ... 300m Time Trials,
Division Races, 1k Time Trials and more ...

This year there will be only 4 races, as the Foster Family will be attending our son's wedding. However, there is a race in Connecticut in June that
we urge everyone to attend.

Last year, we paid out CASH for the PRO Category Race, awarding money to the TOP 4 Men and the TOP 4 Women that crossed the
finish line for the overall race. For 2017, we will be doing the same, except, spreading the money ... TOP 4 Men and the TOP 4 Women in Senior and below, as well as the TOP 4 Men and the TOP 4 Women in Classic and above will receive payouts.

Our OLD School Quad Race was a such a success, we are bringing it back again this year. Same 5 Divisions (Men and Women). They will receive points just like the inline races and also receive an End of the Year OVERALL award as well.

2017 Registration Fees: Inline Races: Recreational Division Races - Primary and below - $25.00 / Juvenile and Above - $35.00
                                                             Advanced / Pro Division Races - $40.00
                                                             Challenge Up Dvision Race - $10.00

                                      Quad Race: OLD SCHOOL Quad Race: $25.00
                                                             If you have already register for an Inline Race - $10.00

                                     *Pre-register for the entire 2017 season at Stage 1 and receive 25% of the total cost.

World Team Members who skated the 2016 World Championship will skate this years series for free and we will also try to sell raffle tickets again to help support future world team members.

We are again offering fundraising opportunities for speed teams participating in the ESS. SOS will be hosting the first fundraising opportunity by running the Food Tent. So, be sure to stop by and fuel up!

SPONSORS: Pre-register your skaters for the year by May 21st and receive Sponsor Discount. Click "Sponsor Discount" button above for more detail.

Look Forward to seeing everyone soon!!!
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