Welcome to our website. The Eastern Seaboard Series is committed to promoting the best inline events possible for all skaters from entry level recreational skaters to world class pros. We also have a race for those "Old School" quad roller skaters.

All races will earn points* that count towards the series championships.

Series overall tophies will be awarded at the conclusion of Stage 4 to the top 3 division placements in each category (Rec, Adv, and Pro) that have skated at least 3 races this season.

2017 Schedule

Stage 1 - May 27th

Stage 2 - July 8th

Stage 3 - August 12th

Stage 4 - September 16th
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Eastern Seaboard Series
Eastern Seaboard Series
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NEWS ALERT ** 5/26/2017 5:00PM ET ** NEWS ALERT ** 5/26/2017 5:00PM ET ** NEWS ALERT
Due to the uncertainty of the weather specialists, we will be running on a *Subject to Change as we go Schedule*.
Please make sure that you are at the race at the start of the day (7:00am) If the weather looks iffy we will be moving events around and we would not want you to miss your race. We would like to kick off with the first event at 7:00am, so Registration will be open starting at 6:30am ET.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.